Storm Glider Goes North 5: Ardglass to Bangor (marina pontoon) and Belfast

And here we are in Bangor marina outside Belfast

Storm Glider in Bangor marina
The view from the hatchway

Bangor waterside
Above and below
The view down below
Westerly Storm 33

Followed by a day trip to Belfast, with a little maritime history.

Titanic ‘memorial’ museum – there is no Titanic

While there is no Titanic hereabouts there is the Titanic’s handmaiden – the Nomadic. Her job was to ferry the passengers to and from the Titanic and Olympic liners which could not get into Cherbourg harbour.

Titanic’s handmaiden – the Nomadic

The Nomadic

But much more interesting is this Ship Caisson used to seal off the dry dock.

Dry dock with ship caisson

This ‘boat’ is floated into position at the entrance to the dock after the main ship has entered. Next the ship caisson is flooded with water so that it sinks down with its keel and extended flanges fitting into the grooves in the lock entrance. This snug fitting boat / submarine now completely blocks the entrance of the dry dock so the the water can be pumped out leaving the main ship high and dry and ready to be worked on. But remember to keep it well supported Leith dry dock

Ship caisson

Further upstream is the presently small (but in the future large) Belfast marina and obligatory new waterside dwellings etc. With some interesting ships to look at.

Belfast marina
Belfast marina and dwellings
Belfast marina with one of either the Samson or Golaith cranes in yellow sneaking in to the right of the Titanic museum
View across Belfast marina looking back to the Titanic business

Back in Bangor

Storm Glider

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