Storm Glider Goes North 6a (Bangor to Ardrishaig): Kintyre and approaches

A fine, blue sky, 86 NM day motor-sailing to Scotland, with the views to prove it! This section 6a covers Kintyre, 6b is Arran, 6c is Ardrishaig. There is overlap in the pictures.

Land Ahoy! Scotland!
Ailsa Craig
Sanda Lighthouse
Then you see this! What is going on at the shoreline? Couldn’t figure it out at the time.
Zoomed in
Looked similar at Campbeltown
Campbeltown zoomed in

(Some weeks later) Presumably a form of ‘inferior mirage’ as the mirage is below the real image.

Views higher up the peninsula

The Cal Mac Claonaig Lochranza ferry
Skipness Castle
Skipness Castle and Chapel

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