Storm Glider Goes North 4: Dún Laoghaire to Ardglass, Northern Ireland (marina pontoon)

It’s a narrow, buoyed way in to Ardglass marina

The entrance to Ardglass marina

Which opens out to enclose the marina pontoons

Marina and starboard channel marks
Buoyed entrance channel centre left
Ardglass marina pontoons at close to low tide
At low tide it is a steep gangplank up to the marina office and showers Sure to be a tale or two from the staff!
The village seafront
They are into shore-based pursuits such as golf
The village shop, Ardglass. It stays like this day and night!

Instead, we shopped at Milligans – an independent, well stocked supermarket a short walk up from the front. Remember independent supermarkets in the UK?


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