Panoramic views from Nyamakanga

Those amazing views from the top of Nyamakanga mountain in Nyanga.

First the helpful panorama from World’s View, through Nyanga, Nyangano Park, Mount Inyangani, National Parks, Loch Moodie on Claremont Estate, Udu Dam (meaning the water body) to Rupurara:

Panoramic Nyanga

On the way up showing Udu dam and Rupurara for the first time:

Nyamakanga ‘plateau ascent’ looking south

Walking further up you can now view Loch Moodie at Claremont (which you would not know existed as you cannot see it other than walking down through/past the golf course) and Udu Dam at the same time:

Loch Moodie to Udu Dam

Closing in on Udu Dam and Lodges run by National Parks:

Udu Dam and lodges

Soon your sights will be se on the trig point marker to the north of your position and atop a mini-peak on Nyamakanga plateau. The panorama below is from Mangondoza panning south showing the approximate extent of the Nyanga National Park – definitive boundary map not yet found online – Mount Nyangani in the background:

Nyamakanga trig point

A few more steps to the north for views in that direction:

Nyamakanga looking north

Round about now you will want to scramble down from the trig point onto the plateau and go and see what is happening over the other side in Nyanga. You might get to see an augur buzzard on the way:

Augur buzzard on mufenje, Nyamakanga

Plus there are numerous dry-stone walls to contemplate; this panorama from Nyangani to Nyarumvurwe:

Dry-stone walls Nyanmakanga mountain

But what you really want to do is to look down to see how high up you are above Nyanga! (Superiority complex back in your box).

Rochdale first:

Rochdale, Nyanga

Nyamhuka 2, Rochdale, Bepe Park:

Nyamhuka 2 and Rochdale, Nyanga

And for my Durawall friends, now the Durawall:

Durawall, Nyanga

View to the west on the way back down:

Worth re-doing the whole trip in the wet season to remove the haze!

Nyangani Park extension:

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