Bepe Peak

Bepe Peak
Bepe Peak

Second, the peak south of the Bepe Park residential area that towers over the houses trying to climb its gentler slopes. Park at the end of the Bepe Park access road and basically start walking up aiming for the west side of the hill. You will soon come across the path(s) used by … probably the firewood extractors … over some worn out ancient terracing with the stones bonded together (not dry-stone). You will start to see the stream valley and the pipes tracking out of it. Follow the stream up, keeping it on your left (to your west). The whole place had just burnt down in a bush fire so maybe my going was easier that normal. About half way up there is a hidden saddle and mini-peak on your right side (east side). This contains circular Shona stone work likely due to its strategic position. Too many trees for any photos down though. Traverse back to your main line of ascent; there seemed to be numerous animal /  human paths to follow making it easier than you original line. It is going to be steeper now so just go for it and head up – it is not that far! 

Bepe Peak middle distance centre. The western end of Bepe Park below. Taken from Nyanga Rock.

First is a minor top or open plateau for views down to Nyanga. Curiosity will take you higher along the crest of the hill. There was some slight scrambling / exposure (or that’s how it felt); just take a deep breath and press on – its worth it for the views, and easier coming down as your confidence will be higher knowing where you are going. Flattens out on top so you can just relax and take pictures. I got as far as I felt like going on my own ie until I saw the rising domes of the lesser peaks below me to the south west, then I simply retraced my steps. About three hours in total with many photo stops. There were separate adventures with a snare and with a mhembwe so I had evidently received  for the 5 star option.

Views from Bepe Peak.

These are the tracks from the Garmin, first in Google Earth.

Take the main dust road through Bepe then turn right and park at the National Park sign.
Short detour to Shona stone work on a very small raised plateau. Surrounded by trees.

Same track in the Garmin Basecamp package.