Lockdown butter making

You have to try this – a jar, marbles (cleaned!), and cream…


Butter and buttermilk in the jar

Butter and buttermilk in the jar


It just get better



The finished product: butter with a pinch of salt


Building a real log cabin – 18 months on

As with all good building projects progress takes time!¬†We are now ‘semi-finished’. The building work is long since complete. Fit-out of the interior is just about there (room partitions, doorways, wall lining, stairs, built in beds and storage, bathrooms, toilet cubicles, showers, and more). Plumbing….mmm tough one but it’s coming.


Square ‘Hobbit-style’ doors cut through the log walls


Bunk bed to the right of picture above


That square doorway from the other side. Stairs up to 3rd level.


Further to the left – toilet cubicle and sink. Stairs down to immediate right of window.



Off to a different room.

Bunk bed under dormer window


Same room – other direction

Now we play spot the beds – there are 5 you can just about see!

One bed in the opening above the draws – then there is a top bunk bed above that (hidden in this picture). Bunk beds to the right with draws underneath. That makes four beds. And the fifth bed – it’s flying overhead.



Including the fifth bed over head! (Built like this to customer specification)


With draws


Looking from the main entrance hall to the stairs up to the rooms inside. Doorways to the left up first flight and up second flight to the right. Split level design (nightmare).


And did I mention the plumbing!