Nyamhuka Hill

First, and by far the easiest and simplest walk, is the hill behind Nyamhuka 1. As a warm-up to the other three walks do it mid-to-late afternoon so you get the sun behind you when looking down on the town and the Nyamhuka rank / market area surrounded by now orange glowing hills – at least in August.

Simply park at the top of the Nyamhuka residential area (up past the school, where you can see the large water tank) and follow the obvious path in the direction of the saddle. Before you get there turn right (ie northwards) and again follow the easy path climbing now towards the top of the hill. Literally 10 to 20 mins to get up there for some substantial views as the sun starts setting. With light scrambling you can find your way to the ‘end of the hill’ now looking northwards.

Nyamhuka Hill taken from Bepe Peak. Nyamhuka rank below.