Storm Glider Goes North 2: Across St George’s Channel from Dale to Rosslare, Ireland (anchorage)

Some motor-sailing from a to b.

Motor-sailing to Ireland

Tuskar Rock lighthouse

Off Rosslare: Tuskar Rock lighthouse
Tuskar Rock with added Irish Ferries

A wonderful welcome from the folks in Rosslare after we first peered into Wexford Harbour and hastily changed our minds.

We anchored off Rosslare by the three public mooring buoys. Just look at the ‘warm’ setting sun, it could be the riviera, really😉

Rosslare anchorage opposite Kelly’s
As the sun set
The sun goes down in Rosslare

And so, for the pièce de résistance we found our way to Kelly’s Hotel (who kindly let us in despite our oilskins and boots) and served up our first:

is good for you!

Followed by

Delicious crab claws at Kelly’s Hotel Rosslare

and to finish

The ‘Trio of Chocolate Mousse with Orange Biscotti’ ending at Kelly’s

Never too old to learn; it had all looked so easy as we motored in, hurriedly tied up the dinghy and walked off to see the sights!

As we arrived. Later, and after some refreshment, do you remember how to get back to the boat in the dark …!

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