Storm Glider Goes North 1: Portishead (marina) to Oxwich Bay (overnight anchorage) to Dale (overnight mooring) Milford Haven

Portishead sea lock is the somewhat daunting exit and entry point for yachts using Portishead Marina. Fortunately there is a floating pontoon inside the lock to make tying up and managing your ropes a whole lot easier. You are strictly monitored and controlled by the lock keeper far above!


Entering the Portishead sea lock from the sea. Floating pontoons to tie up to which rise and fall with you in the lock.

As you can see this is a pretty deep lock, needed to deal with the second largest tidal range in the world at 13 to 15 metres.

10.5 meter lock!
Sea lock gates closing

Next, to lift the boats up to the level of the marina, just add water …

Upper gate sluices opening
Full blast

The first night after leaving Portishead we anchored in Oxwich Bay- no pics. Then onwards to Dale, Pembrokeshire, Wales where we called ahead and tied up to Dale Yacht Club’s anchored pontoon a little off-shore.

Tied up to Dale Yacht Club’s floating pontoon

Then a quick motor ashore to meet up with others who took the plunge to retire early! Thank you for driving round S & D!

Dale’s floating pier

Nothing available at the yacht club this early in the season so we had to make do locally:

Local ale at The Griffin
Or try the summer ale Cwrw Haf. Thank you Evan Evans!

There is an interesting (for me) Welsh – Shona pun hidden away in there as beer in Welsh is Cwrw (said as Koo Ru) and Kuru is the short form of Sekuru (grandfather) in Shona. So if you have a Welsh grandfather, nicknamed Kuru, who likes beer… Be thankful you are not in my head!

Storm Glider on the anchored pontoon at Dale, facing the rest of Milford Haven

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