The Montessori School

Orphans Zimbabwe

Orphans Zimbabwe

Our goal for the Montessori school is to bring this educational approach to young Zimbabweans at primary school level to prepare them for the needs of their future life: open-mindedness, confidence, organization, process, social skills, presentation skills. We will provide our children with the skills to make them successful in life after exams and beyond “grades”. A Montessori education enables children to learn and excel without the ‘rote learning’ that is the staple in some primary schools. Furthermore, a Montessori education will equip the children with life skills and introduce a lot of advanced materials from other disciplines that are normally not introduced until secondary school/high school. Good academic grades definitely help to get you your first job, however after that what are employers looking for in order to hire you or promote you?

To achieve this goal we are going to rent / buy / build the school buildings close to the farm. Hire trained Montessori teachers, and start-up! We have the equipment necessary for Montessori learning donated by schools in the USA.

Update 10 April 2015: We are getting there – see The Troutbeck Montessori School website

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