Lifting the Yang Ming

So, raising a 40ft shipping container from the ground is not straightforward! Especially when it’s in a residential area without straight on access, when it was left without any chocks under it, and, when it is rather full (i.e. a heavy 40,180 lb). The pictures below are from the first attempt (snowing on the 18th Jan, and second successful attempt on 20th Jan made possible by use of a “wrecker” to lift and maneuver the container to allow the Landoll to get underneath.

Sneaking into the pictures you will spot our second shipping container (a petit 20ft) in the background up on its trailer – as yes – this is a 2 container family move!


Above the Landoll moves in for the first attempt – though not able to lift the container sufficiently with its own hydraulics.


Above, spot the second container in the background!


Above, YM being lifted by the “Wrecker”



and the Landoll backs in underneath


IMG_5008 IMG_5028

Note for the boys: the Landoll’s rear wheels can move back and fore, and the bed of the truck can be lifted as seen above so that the very end of the bed reaches the floor. Its a great piece of kit!

IMG_5051 IMG_5055 IMG_5068 IMG_5092


Hmm, all agree thats a bit of an angle…

IMG_5096 IMG_5107 IMG_5109 IMG_5122 IMG_5123



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