Building a real log cabin – part 5 – stone extension and ground floor entry way

Now for the next larger extension – a semi-circular entryway and upstairs bedroom / bathroom.

Starting with the slab

Slab with cellar


Large stones form the 45 cm thick base wall



We’ll use smaller stones higher up!



And one of our trusty workhorse wheelbarrows.


Inside wall



Its a real building site at times with the stones delivered as close as possible


The style of this outer wall contrasting with the interior wall behind


Willard is still ‘burning stones’


Joining the previous bathroom extension


Raising the wall


Window frames



Mr Sidney – carpenter


More carpenter pictures to keep them happy too


Nearly complete ground floor


Our other work horse for stone delivery and a hundred other things!

Building a real log cabin – part 4 – modifications begin

Having hauled up the roofing sheets the over hung roof was added and the basic ‘box’ was completed – below:



A new doorway was subtracted using the chain saw – only slightly nerve wracking!

Cutting a doorway in a log cabin


Now for the start of something big – the first stonework extension to encompass a bathroom downstairs and extra room upstairs:


Starting the stone work extension



Mr Titius – builder and stone mason



Mr Titus on the wall




Supports included for the floor joists in the next extension



Willard burning rocks to create our building materials


Scaffolding below the upper level doorway



Corbels built into the new wall to support floor joists.


Meanwhile the carpenters create new square entryways connecting the upper levels.


The completed stonework of the bathroom extension



Our local vet and school children


Memorial service and all night ‘pungwe’ at the Mabvira homestead, Nyatate

One year since grandfather – Sekuru Bowden – passed away. He was remembered during this memorial service held all night in his honour:


Here we are about 40 km on the dust road north of Nyanga:


From the homestead looking North


Looking back over the homestead


Pungwe: speeches


Reading during the night


Singers during the night


One of the wabvuwi


Singer from Rusape


Service the next morning


150 lining up for food after the service


and there’s always washing up – nice location though!


In honour of Bowden Mabvira

The Boxing Day Space Shuttle Re-Build


First tear down the existing Shuttle


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!



Meals were provided during the 4h 45min marathon build



Construction of the ET (External Tank) backbone containing liquid Oxygen, and liquid Hydrogen


Looking good with the addition of the two Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB)


The nervous driver takes a wrong turn




You better read this warning!






Turning Bacon into (Parma) Ham

Almost by accident …. this bacon joint has hung in the tack room for the last 2 months (along with the soon to be real Parma Ham … in another 9 months) and low and behold on Christmas Day we could slice it and enjoy it raw as ham.


Bacon joint dried into ham


Bacon joint dried into ham



Bacon joint dried into ham