Rip sawing crating

Following on in the process from the logging and plank cutting (still ongoing) is the rip sawing of the off-cuts into smaller pieces know as crating approx 20mm x 76mm. Grade A – two good sides, more or less no bark. Grade B = one goodish side only.

The oil drum is part of the cooling water circuit for the diesel engine. From the bow in the belt drive you can see that the saw is pushed until it almost stalls and smoke pours form the engine! Nothing you can do.

Post and Beam – hammering battens onto cantilevered overhanging rafters

To continue hammering horizontal battens (mbariro) to the rafters (nungo) as they extend beyond their final support from the building structure we used a 3m high temporary support: to first gauge the correct length for the gum pole rafters to be cut to (angle grinder plus circular saw blade), and then to support the bottom of the rafters while the battens were hammered on top of them.

Horizontal support slides out to leave rafters with battens in place:

Pass the hammer!

1hr rain break (about 10mm of rain)

After the job is done

Now we have completed one section of the roof as a test the pressure is on at the thatchers have arrived and are preparing their mats of thatching grass.

The two stepped supports (left and right) were originally made to allow heavy building stones to be lifted up to increasing wall height step by step when house building in stone.