Skidding hardwood logs by hand

There is a new hydro scheme planned on the Gairezi river and they have just cut the transect for the route of the pylons.

Being Nyanga this includes cutting down two of the three invasive tree species – Pine and Wattle (the third is Eucalyptus).

Here we are skidding logs onto the trailer:

Skidding logs on logs


With a log ramp onto the trailer


Time to roll up hill




Nearly there



Or if lighter they get carried


and a long one



We have a lesson in knot tying


Well loaded up


Loaded front and back


As its all firewood for us to burn stones with we take it all – large and small

Building a real log cabin – part 7a – towards the end of chinking and caulking

Having nearly completed the exterior caulking we turned to the interior to escape some high altitude cloudy windy rainy days.


cleaning up the beams after the mess of chinking


Willard using his newly built ladder in the stairwell







Mr Paul clearing up the mess of wood chips and caulk



Didi planing the floor joists


Mr Tongai helping the carpenters with the floor joists this week



Mr Daniel starting the roofing effort


The floor joists are finished for the day!






Building a real log cabin – part 7 – chinking or caulking between the logs

Now this is good – we brew our own chinking, or caulk, and get to work on those horizontal gaps between the logs:

We start out one afternoon


Mr Tongai shows us how its done





Mr Sydney taking break from carpentry



All hands on deck



The crew above are pushing in left over pieces of wood etc in preparation for the caulking



Building a real log cabin – part 6- stone extension first floor

Adding an upstairs in a stone semi-circle:


Hauling up cement and carrying stones



Our combination scaffolding





Interior scaffolding


And inside the topmost level the 2nd floor (or 3rd level)


Down a floor


View of fledgling golf course and the end of the stone extension


Top of the stone build


You start to get the picture


Semi-circular stone extension


The top level