Troutbeck (School) to Nyanga to Troutbeck (School): there and back again.

This is a bit hard core, but it will make you feel just like a hobbit on a very long journey. 

Turns out to be 28 kms of walking and 900+ metres of combined ascending. The vertical height difference being 500m between the school and Nyangani Park. 3.5 hours on the way down and 4 hours on the way back. The longest stretch was the flattish section of the whole valley, National Park and Bepe Park, which seems to take half-an-hour longer than it ‘should’.

Plenty of Shona stone work: terracing and walls all through the upper reaches of the valley, with one amazing find – an intact rectangular hole through to the tunnel underneath; just like the one in the poorly named ‘Shona Pit Structures’ in the main National Park. 

Fairly near the top of the valley looking down across the National Park to Bepe Park and Nyanga
A bright green tree in amongst dry brush and aloes
One of several side roads – made by the timber loggers I assume
Towards Bepe Park and Nyamakanga Mountain
Nyanga Rock
The end of the National Park and the start of Bepe

After visiting in Nyanga you make the brave decision to walk back up!

Through the trees to Nyamakanga
Slit above Shona tunnel (there is one in the National Park exhibition)
Top section – getting to the lay-by / viewpoint which is the jumping off point for your route finding down
From Troutbeck lay-by / view point at the top of the valley down through the upper reaches
The National Park, Bepe Park and Nyanga
Entire walk (north not up)
The Garmin version

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