Nyangwe Fort, Nyanga National Park

Look-out tower

The lesser visited, far more extensive and much wilder of the two forts on offer in the National Park. The path in is a bit of a bear – retract / pull in your wing mirrors (medium wattle encroaching the side of the track) and raise the suspension / use a high clearance vehicle (small wattle and scrub down the middle of the track will brush off the mud). The car park is a single track turning circle which could be awkward if more than one party or car want to leave early.

Recently trodden down human ‘pathways’ were the only clue to a tough-going, bumpy, wide circumnavigation of the obvious walls starting at the west side. Some loop holes remaining, with flat lintels above – see pics. Looked like additional walls or terraces submerged by vegetation or earth on this western side. Some exotic plants including an unavoidable manic succulent type thing underfoot and these yellow flowers everywhere.

“loop holes”
Someone liked their geometry – equilateral, right angled, square.
Nyangwe to Nyangani
Lintel at Nyangwe fort
Nyangwe panorama

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