With wild honey at $2 for 500g it had to be done: Experiments in Sugar

Being an engineer there weren’t so many measurements except TEMPERATURE!


Kitchen Thermometer


Each was half Huletts soft brown sugar (i.e. the cheap stuff that is everywhere here) and half runny brown honey, splash of water and a bit of yellow baking margarine.


From the left 120°, 140°, 150°


From the left 120° (soft ball), 140°, 150° (hard crack + more flavour!)


120° (soft ball close to toffee in the mouth),


120° (soft ball – close to toffee in the mouth),


140° and 150° (hard crack – underneath)



Here’s one I made earlier! The goats milk cherry fudge.



The complete line up with soft ball, hard crack, cherry fudge and butterscotch on right




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