We build our own Fogão a Lenha cooking stove

Just completed building our first Fogão a Lenha – i.e. Brazilian wood burning cooking stove. With a hint of the rocket mass heater / stove thrown in.


Our finished Fogão a Lenha with chimney over on the right in the corner


Three pots on the Fogão a Lenha



Flames showing that heat and smoke are drawn along the stove to the chimney


Didymus the builder


Boiling 20L of water


Boiling 20L of water


Wheel drums form the rings


Learning how to position the wok



To allow maximum heat!


Fire from the entranceway can be felt on the third ring in – drawn along by the draught from the chimney.


We like it!



2 thoughts on “We build our own Fogão a Lenha cooking stove

  1. Hello from Uxbridge, M.A.!
    I love seeing your blog posts pop up. Great job on the stove. God’s blessing and keeping on your plans!Thank you for sharing these updates with us.

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